Strategy 2025: Research and Innovation

Strategy 2025: Research and Innovation


Our Strategy 2025: Research and Innovation was launched in April 2020, and aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, delivering the scientific evidence-base for a healthy, productive and resilient national and global environment.

The strategy focuses on the role of UKCEH in addressing three major environmental and societal challenges:

  • Creating and enhancing sustainable ecosystems
  • Reducing and preventing pollution
  • Mitigating and building resilience to climate and environmental change

Our specific contribution to these challenges focuses on ten integrated issues:

1. Biodiversity: Enhancing biodiversity to safeguard and enhance environmental health and resilience.

2. Chemical risks: Sustainable use of chemicals to protect the environment and people.

3. Clean air: The evidence base for reducing air pollution.

4. Climate and land: Land surface science for climate change prediction, adaptation and mitigation.

5. Ecosystem restoration and resilience: Restoration for long-term recovery and resilience to deliver sustainable landscapes.

6. Flood and drought impacts: Increasing societal and environmental resilience to hydro-climate risks.

7. Net-zero greenhouse gas emissions: Improving land-use planning and land management practices.

8. Soil health: Enabling integrated management for healthy soils.

9. Sustainable agriculture: Enhancing ecosystems to underpin productive and regenerative agricultural systems.

10. Water quality and resources: Balancing water demand with a healthy and productive environment.

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